Lidar Point Cloud Data Processing

Explore the world of Lidar technology with MATLABHelper as we delve into the fundamentals of Lidar point cloud data processing. Learn about different sources of Lidar data, pre-processing techniques, and more.

Kalman Filter 101 - State Estimation

Have you wondered how mankind successfully made history by stepping foot on Moon? The trajectory planning of the spacecraft was not an easy task of simple motion calculations. Rodolph Kalman’s Kalman Filter made a significant contribution to this tedious task when scientists hide the roadblock!

Comparison of open and closed loop buck converter

DC-DC closed loop-controlled Buck converter is a power electronics circuit that steps down voltage to a required controlled set voltage with precise results due to its closed, controlled mechanism. Learn the complete modelling behind it along with the MATLAB Simulink.

Understanding Slingshot Effect using MATLAB Blog

Do you want to know how space agencies reduce the cost of space missions? There is a physical phenomenon at play here called Slingshot Effect. Let’s learn about this effect in-depth and also model it using MATLAB.

Connect four Blog

Connect four is the classic game you would love to play with friends and family. Can you connect four of your coloured chips by dropping them into the board before the computer does? Gear up for a battle of wits to win this superb game created with App Designer.