Interfacing Arduino with Simulink and External Sensors 

 February 4, 2019

By  Aditya Chaudhari

Hope you enjoyed the webinar! Let us work together. Here is your guide to Arduino with MATLAB & Simulink for Episode #2.

Confused about connections?

Connect your Servo Motor to Arduino

Connect your Servo Motor to Arduino:

Connection of Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino

Connection of Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino:

5v Water Pump Connection with Arduino

5v Water Pump Connection with Arduino

Looking for Resources? Download them from here:
Our first episode was on interfacing Arduino with MATLAB and received a very positive feedback from learners across the world. In the episode #2, following points were discussed:
  1. Revision of the Basic Concept of Arduino and Quick Installation Guide for Hardware packages
  2. Controlling Servo Motor with Simulink.
  3. Arduino Controlled Plant Watering System.
  4. Getting Started with Bluetooth with Arduino
  5. Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 Libraries and use with Arduino and MATLAB.

The best part is you can work along with us and get hands-on with your Arduino Development Kit.

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