Download and Install MATLAB Trial Version 

 January 3, 2019

By  Gunjan Gupta

Before you can work with MATLAB, you need a copy installed on your system. Fortunately, you have a number of methods at your disposal. Here are the three most common ways of getting MATLAB:

In most cases, you need to download the copy of MATLAB or the MATLAB installer onto your system after you fill out the required information to get it. Some users choose to receive a DVD in the mail instead of downloading the product online. No matter which technique you use, you eventually get a copy of MATLAB to install.

IMPORTANT: In this article, we have shown installation of MATLAB R2018b Trial Version. You may follow the same article to install the latest MATLAB version.

Steps for downloading the MATLAB Software :

1. Open browser and Type MATLAB in search bar or click on the link.


Type "MATLAB" in Google Search 


Search result on the google.com 

Click on the first option and you will find this page. 


MathWorks Website (link

2. Click on trial software option


3. Enter your email ID in at the Download Trial Software section. 


4. It will pop up the new page of sign in option, if you have account can directly sign in or check below on create account option. 


Select Create Account

5. In create account option, fill the necessary details in the form.


Fill the email address, location and at "how will you use MathWorks software?"  select personal use option.
For downloading the option you need be at least 13 years or older. tick on the option "yes" if you are at least or older in age if not select "no" it will cancel the process.

6. A new page will pop up with this details


Select the appropriate option for default click on "continue with current Email" or if you want to change the email address can click on it.

7. After clicking on the option the a confirmation message will be mail on given mail address for authenticating account.  


Open your email account and check the mail with this content and click on "verify your email"

8. Clicking on given option will open a new page in that that you are required to provide all details


Fill all the details for creating account

9. Below the form tick the required section. If you want promotional content and more information can tick in help section.


Tick on "I accept Online Service Agreement"  and click on create.

10. After clicking on create option the new page will show this content as the same page earlier.


11. If you like to customize your software selection, you can select tools which you want to use.


12. Click on the Continue button


13. A new option will display with selection plan (tick all that required box for downloading file) and click on continue.


14. A new page will show the download option. You need to click on the required option depending upon the operating system.


15. While selecting on the button you will get download file


Windows Download File


Mac Os Download File


Linux OS Download File

16. Save the file and click on "OK"

17. Go to the path where the file has been saved in the directory (For all operating system the default save path is at Download Folder)

18. Click on the download file.


19. In windows OS, The file will extract the compress file


20. After extracting file the program will execute with MATLAB logo


21. In few minute, the installation setup will be provided ( You need to have internet connection for downloading the software file if you select Log in option)


For trial use, you can Log in and proceed with further step but if you purchase MATLAB with DVD Copy then you can select "File Installation Key". In this the key will is provided on the disc cover or installation booklet.  

Press Next button.

22. The software will ask to read the license agreement. Read properly about the important terms and conditions and select on the agreement and click on Next Button.


23. You need to log in with your MATLAB Account. 


24. When you log in with the MATLAB account you will get auto-selected option. Click on Next Button


25. In Installation process, you can select Product Toolbox which you required in custom and click on Next Button


26. The installation process will start and take time depending on your internet speed for downloading and installing file as showing the progress bar about on the downloading option.

27. After Installing process finish Enter "Close"

28. On Desktop click on MATLAB shortcut or click on start button of windows and on recently added click on matlab.exe file.
29. The MATLAB Logo will appear with the basic information about the software.
30. After loading software files the MATLAB IDE Page will open in which you will get this result.

31. To check whether the MATLAB software is installed correctly run few mathematical operations  

32. Type "1 + 2" in the command Window and enter

33. If you are getting answer 3 . If not then you can check with this link.

34. Next, Type "pi" and enter

35. If you getting the value 3.1416 then the software is working correctly.


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About the author 

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan is the founder of MATLAB Helper ® and a MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate with his Post Graduate in Intellectual Property Rights. He conducts MATLAB & Simulink training programs with a focus on Logic and Skill Development.

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