Research Papers vs Review Papers

Research Papers vs Review Papers

Research Papers unlike Review Papers involve a full-fledged description of the research done by the writer in their domain along with the progress they have made in it. These papers have original ideas and attempt to add new dimensions to ongoing researches in the particular field. Writing Research Papers can be a strenuous task whether it is in the field of Science, Humanities or Medicine.

Review Papers, on the contrary, do not contain any new researches. They are a critical evaluation of one or a set of research papers. There are several approaches for writing a Review Paper. It can be based on a single paper, a few papers or all the papers discussing a specific topic of research. Post, which, the review paper attempts to highlight the important results, identify any loopholes in the paper and discuss the future scope. Writing them requires a lot of in-depth search and research of that particular topic. These papers ought to be clear, concise and most importantly unbiased as done by with Contacts

In terms of value, publications of both kinds of papers add credibility and value to the writer’s career. However, research papers are known to have an upper hand since they contain a fraction of originality and tend to face more resistance in being published as compared to review papers. In hindsight, both research papers and review papers are crucial in their own ways. On one hand, the former gives direction to ongoing researches and on the other hand, the latter gives useful summaries and critical evaluations to assist readers in comprehending the topic more effectively.

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