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Brand Representative

Spread awareness about MATLAB Helper ® & Get benefitted in the process

Represent MATLAB Helper and provide a bridge between our users and experts

Our Brand Representative program has made significant progress since its inception and is currently in its 8th version. Everyone, including you, can be our Brand Representative whenever you want. Our Brand Representative gets several benefits, including a MATLAB Helper eCertificate, MATLAB Helper Merchandise, Access to anyone premium course and course certificate, and Enrollment in the MATLAB Helper's Training module with a training certificate. You do not need to give an interview or sign any agreement. You need to complete our target as per the level, and you will get your benefits. The Brand Representative Program is of three levels:

  • Level #1: One Day BrandRep
  • Level #2: One Week BrandRep
  • Level #3: One Month BrandRep

Our mission is to develop next generation of technology developers. Would you like to be part of our mission?

Apply To be Our Brand Representative!

Make sure to WhatsApp us at +91-8104622179 after filling form


From Level #1 to Level #3, Complete these targets to be eligible for your reward!


One Day BrandRep: Promotion of YouTube Video & Channel

You will be assigned one YouTube Video based on your interest as filled in the Google Form. You must achieve a minimum of 50 Likes, 50 Comments, 50 Views for the YouTube Video and 50 Subscribers for our YouTube Channel within 24 Hours. Exact instructions will be informed when the task is shared over WhatsApp!

Completion Benefit: MATLAB Helper eCertificate for Brand Representative


One Week BrandRep: Promotion of Course Quiz & Certification

You will be promoting the Course Quiz of MATLAB Fundamentals OR Simulink Fundamentals. These are free online MCQ quizzes with a passing score of 60%+. You must get a minimum of 10 MATLAB Helper ® Certification bookings within a week. Exact instructions will be informed when the task is shared over WhatsApp!

Completion Benefit:

1. Certificate for Online Course of either MATLAB Fundamentals OR Simulink Fundamentals Quiz, where you have a score of 60%+

2. Access to any premium course of choice from Neural Network, Numerical Methods, Digital Signal Processing, Control System, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, along with a Course Certificate on Course Quiz completion.


One Month BrandRep: Promotion of Training Program

You will be promoting MATLAB Helper's Training Modules, i.e., MATLAB Associate, MATLAB Professional, Simulink Fundamentals, Image Processing, Application Designer, Arduino Interfacing, and Machine Learning, with your referral coupon. You need to get a minimum of 5 bookings of one module within a month with your coupon, allowing a 10% discount on any training module. Exact instructions will be informed when the task is shared over WhatsApp!

Completion Benefit: MATLAB Helper's Training Module enrollment at a 90% discount.


Other Benefits

  • Get featured on MATLAB Helper Social Media channels or website with Image/Video Testimonial.
  • Get Featured in a MATLAB Helper Video.

Important Points

  • Completing Level #1 will fetch you the MATLAB Helper Brand Representative e-Certificate, and you will reach Level #2.
  • Completing Level #2 will fetch you a MATLAB Helper Course Certificate and access to a premium course of choice. You will also reach Level #3.
  • Completing Level #3 will allow you to join the MATLAB Helper's Training Modules at a highly discounted price and a training certificate.
  • We will serve your rewards as you progress from one level to another.
  • Failure to reach the target will make you leave the Brand Representative Program.
  • You will be able to restart the BrandRep v8 after 1 week.


Watch these videos and see what our past Brand Representative has to say about their role at MATLAB Helper.

Shivam Sood

"Working with MATLAB Helper has empowered me to reach out to the masses and get them to know the benefits of the various services. The work experience is really great and totally professional, where individual attention is given. This has been a great start on my journey."