History of Deep Learning

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a long history, with philosophers debating whether artificial creatures, artificial men, and other automatons existed or might exist in some form. The Human Approach assumes that the system will think and act like humans. The system will think and act intelligently according to the ideal approach. Artificial intelligence is a field that integrates computer science with large datasets to solve problems in their most basic form. It also includes the machine learning and deep learning sub-fields, usually cited in combination with artificial intelligence. Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, and Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning. Neural networks are the building blocks of deep learning. In deep learning, the term "deep" refers to a neural network with numerous layers. While simple machine learning models improve over time at whatever task they are given, they still require some coaching. If an AI algorithm makes an incorrect forecast, an engineer must intervene and make changes. With a deep learning model, an algorithm can use its neural network to decide whether a prediction is correct or not. The link between AI, ML, and DL is illustrated in the diagram below.

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Sub-parts of AI

The way each algorithm learns is where deep learning and machine learning differ. Deep learning automates a substantial portion of the feature extraction process, removing some of the need for manual human involvement and allowing for the usage of bigger data sets.

Applications of artificial intelligence

  • Recommendation Engine
  • Automated stock trading
  • Computer Vision
  • Self-Driving Car
  • Speech Recognition

The ultimate goal of AI is for a computer to have general intelligence similar to that of a human. This is one of the most ambitious scientific goals ever suggested. It is equivalent in difficulty to other major scientific objectives such as understanding the genesis of life or the Universe or discovering the structure of matter.

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