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About Control System

A control system consisting of interconnected components is designed to achieve the desired purpose. To understand the purpose of a control system, it is useful to examine examples of control systems through the course of history.

Modern control engineering practice includes the use of control design strategies for improving manufacturing processes, the efficiency of energy use, advanced automobile control, including rapid transit, among others.

Control systems are an integral part of modern society. Numerous applications are all around us:

  • The rocket’s fire
  • The space shuttle lifts off the earth orbit
  • An air conditioner controls the temperature of a room

These are just a few examples of automatically controlled systems.

The Control system also exists in nature. Within our bodies are numerous control systems. We build control systems for four primary reasons:

  1. Power amplification
  2. Remote control
  3. The convenience of an input form
  4. Compensation for disturbances

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Simple and Easy

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Open and Closed LOOP

6 Lessons

Get introduced to an open and closed-loop control system.

Design your first open-loop system in Simulink.

Design a Closed-loop system in Simulink.

Learn the definition and importance of the transfer function.

Explore the use of 'tf' to create a transfer function in MATLAB.

Analyze Transfer Functions with Impulse and Step Response of the second-order system and system response for non-standard input signals in MATLAB.

Frequency Domain Analysis

3 Lessons

This lesson discusses the most crucial concept in the Control System which is frequency domain analysis.

Get familiar with different specifications used in frequency domain.

Explore how to perform Frequency domain analysis and get Bode Plot, Nyquist Plot & Nichols Plot.

Time domain analysis

2 Lessons

Get introduced to the Time-domain analysis of a signal in the Control System.

Learn how to perform a time-domain analysis of a signal.

State space analysis

2 Lessons

Discussion on the modern theory of Control System where we get to know the basics of State-space analysis.

Learn how to create a basic state-space model and analyze it in MATLAB.

Controllability and Observability

3 Lessons

Learn the two important topics of modern control theory i.e. Controllability and Observability.

Learn about the controllability matrix and how to check the controllability of a system in MATLAB.

Learn about the observability matrix and approach to find out if a system is observable in MATLAB.

States observers

2 Lessons

Discussion on States observers theory.

Implement a simple state observer in Simulink.

Stability analysis

2 Lessons

The basic concept of Routh criteria and it's equation is explained.

Learn how to determine if any control system is stable or not using Hurwitz criteria in MATLAB.

Steady State Error

2 Lessons

Understand the concept of the Steady-state error and State error coefficient.

Learn how to find Steady State Error and Error Coefficient for a system in MATLAB.

Analyzing Nonlinearity

2 Lessons

Explore the basic concept required to analyze nonlinearities in the Control System.

Learn how to model nonlinearities such as the saturation and dead zone for different input signals in Simulink.

Function analysis

2 Lessons

Learn about function analysis, an approximate technique for studying nonlinearity.

Study the nonlinear systems using functional analysis in Simulink with examples.

Physical Modeling

2 Lessons

Get an overview of the Physical control system with Block Diagram.

We are going to design a physical control system in Simulink and simulate it to see the result!

Describing Nonlinear Systems

2 Lessons

The basics about certain Simulink block is explained to represent nonlinear systems.

Explore how to represent a nonlinear model in Simulink with an example of Van der pol oscillator.

Phase portrait

2 Lessons

Learn about phase portrait which gives us the transient behavior and stability analysis on the system.

Learn how to design the phase trajectory of a nonlinear system in MATLAB.

Lyapunov Stability

2 Lessons

Explore equations and basic concepts of Lyapunov stability analysis to check the system stability of a dynamic system.

Learn step by step procedure of determining the Lyapunov stability of a system in MATLAB.

Feedback Linearization

2 Lessons

Discussion about the basics of the feedback linearization technique.

An example in Simulink is used to prove the feedback linearization of a nonlinear system.

Design ZOH and FOH Circuit

2 Lessons

Explore how the ZOH and FOH circuit will sample and hold a given analog input signal until the next sample.

Design Zero Order Hold and First Order Hold circuit in MATLAB.

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