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The STEM Application

A Product from MATLAB Helper ®

Parva is available for Downloading for free during it's R&D Stage. You can download the Parva App from bottom of this webpage.


PARVA is an interactive learning environment based on inverted classroom methodology aimed at providing important insights into some of the key STEM concepts taught in high-school and Engineering courses. PARVA is an application-oriented learning environment which focuses on teaching students with a play-and-learn method. This game-based methodology is hoped to achieve better retentivity and understand-ability of concepts.


Moreover, this application aims to not only assist students in better-understanding key scientific concepts but also assist teachers and faculty in explaining such concepts in an interactive manner. Through this app, students and teachers alike can experience learning in a simulation intensive environment where each STEM concept is simulated using real-world dynamics. The emphasis on real-world dynamics provides its learners with exceptional comprehension of its application in the physical world.



The app that teaches you Scientific Concepts in an interactive manner. A game-based application-oriented learning that will help you develop unparalleled insights into important concepts of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Just choose the topic you want to learn and instead of devoting countless hours on understanding an inscrutable text, learn whilst you play! Instructions on playing the game are displayed, at the beginning of each game. So, play along and Enjoy learning.

STEM Learning with Parva

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Parva is a single application implementing STEM topics as its sub-applications. As a proof of concept, we have added 10 applications of Science Category under Physics.

Parva is awesome!

"Just what I was looking for. It's the perfect solution for our training institute. It fits our needs perfectly. I am amazed to see the interactive nature of simple application built with MATLAB through Parva. I am completely blown away."

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We have implemented ten important concepts of Physics in currently available application for download. These concepts are:

  • SI Units. Weight and Length
  • Electricity. Series and Parallel Connections
  • Projectile Motion. Cricket Game
  • Optics. Mirror Game
  • Gravitation. Escape Velocity Game
  • Frictions. Applicatons
  • Rotational Motion. Gear System
  • Fluid Dynamics. Tank Game
  • Mechanics of Stress and Strain.
  • Archimedes Principle.

Currently the work is in development for Technology, Engineering and Mathematics stream of STEM Learning for Parva Application.

Learn STEM with the PARVA

Parva is Growing!

Your Feedback will be Important to Us!

The application is in beta stage and may have several bugs. We will request your feedback for improvement.

Support us in Development of Parva

For long, conventional teaching has been harming the scientific faculties of students. PARVA aims to turn the teaching methodology upside-down by utilizing a novel simulation based learning environment. If you are interested in volunteering with any support you can, feel free to get in touch with us.

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