25 Mar 2017

Canal Type Small Hydro Power Plant

Modelling and Analysis of Canal Type Small Hydro Power Plant and Performance Enhancement Using Fuzzy Controller and comparing with Fuzzy Logic controller and comparison with PID

This paper demonstrates the simulation model of a typical canal type small hydroelectric power plant that was developed through interconnection of models of various equipments of the plant under consideration in a MATLAB/Simulink. The various components of small hydroelectric plant like open channel, governor and Semi-Kaplan turbine, synchronous generator, exciter are being considered under modelling and simulation.. The aim is to study its behavior during transient condition. Using the simulated model enhancement through Fuzzy logic controller will be done to reduce oscillations, peak overshoot and peak undershoot during transient period and also to improve the steady state response. A thorough comparison is made between Fuzzy logic controller, PID controller and no controller. This study helps in verifying costs and safety conditions, in selecting the best alternatives in the early phase of design and to determine the requirements of special protection devices.