25 Mar 2017

Image Stagnography

Image watermarking (steganography) using N – significant bit

The growth of the Internet along with the increasing availability of multimedia applications has spawned a number of copyright issues. One of the areas that this growth has fueled is that of digital watermarking. Digital watermarking is the general technique of embedding a blob of information in the original file, such that an altered file is obtained. The blob of information, thus included, serves one of different uses, such as, identifying piracy, sensing
tampering, or reassuring integrity. The approaches to watermarking are diverse and can be broadly classified based on their visibility, robustness, or fragility. Their uses are also versatile, as they can be applied to text, images, audio, or video. In this paper, we have shown N – significant bit watermarking and the results showing the best
possible watermarking.


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