25 Mar 2017

Intelligent Transport Systems

Speed Profile Prediction in Intelligent Transport Systems Exemplified by Vehicle to Vehicle Interactions

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) fall in the framework of CPS due to the interaction between physical systems (vehicles) and distributed information acquisition and dissemination infrastructure. With the accelerated development of wireless Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to Infrastructure (V2I) communications, the integrated acquiring and processing of information is becoming feasible at an increasingly large scale. Accurate prediction of the traffic information in real time, such as the speed, flow, density has important applications in many areas of Intelligent Transport systems. It is a challenging problem due to the dynamic changes of the traffic states caused by many uncertain factors along a travelling route. In this paper we present a V2V based Speed Profile Prediction approach (V2VSPP) that was developed using neural network learning to predict the speed of selected agents based on the received signal strength values of communications between pairs of vehicles. The V2VSPP was
trained and evaluated by using traffic data provided by the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. It contains vehicle state information, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and road maps with high temporal resolution for large numbers of interacting vehicles over a long time period. The experimental results show that the proposed approach
(V2VSPP) has the capability of providing accurate predictions of speed profiles in multi-vehicle trajectories setup.

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