25 Mar 2017

Reduce THD in STATCOM controlled Wind generators

To reduce the total harmonic distortion by using Fuzzy logic controller in STATCOM controlled Wind generators

When integrated to the power system, large wind farms pose stability and control issues. A thorough study is needed to identify the potential problems and to develop measures to mitigate them. Although integration of high levels of wind power into an existing transmission system does not require a major redesign, it necessitates additional
control and compensating equipment to enable recovery from severe system disturbances. In this paper the STATCOM control scheme for the grid connected wind energy generation system for power quality improvement is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK in power systems block set. Fuzzy based controller is designed to improve the source current in STATCOM. A marked reduction in the Total Harmonic Distortion is observed in source current of Wind Power Generation System (WPGS) with the incorporation of Fuzzy controller.