25 Mar 2017

Smart control of Air conditioning system

Smart control of Air conditioning system for thermal comfort using FLC Rapid growth in building industry has increased the power demand. Smart buildings are becoming a trend to cope with the energy needs and
environment ease. This leads to the dependency of intelligent control. Reducing energy consumption and to ensure thermal comfort are two important considerations in designing an air conditioning system. They contribute significant part of total energy consumption. Studies suggest that in locations like auditoriums, indoor stadiums and
conference halls, air conditioning can contribute as much as 75% of total energy intake. The control strategy proposed is fuzzy logic controller (FLC). The implementation of the Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) system, allows arrange of comfort to human body. A MATLAB fuzzy toolbox is used where a fuzzy logic controller is for temperature, air quality and artificial lighting comfort parameters. The presented control system is capable of achieving energy conservation in the buildings.

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