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MATLAB Helper ® Quiz Contest – Apr’20

This is an MCQ based online quiz on Coronavirus & MATLAB. Participation in the online quiz is completely free and you can attempt the quiz multiple times without any limit.

Note: Quiz has been prepared with the COVID-19 data until 9th April 2020. Data Source: ECDC

Move quickly from one page to another within COVID-19 Series from MATLAB Helper:

Education is our future. MATLAB is our feature. Happy MATLABing!

Winner Showcase

432 Participants; 24 Prospective Winner till 20th April end of the day. All 10 winners are featured here.


Winner#1. Arun Amingad

Score: 81.82% ; India

Testimonial: Great to see the quiz on Coronavirus, which has shattered the world. MATLAB Helper has risen to the occasion and created a tricky, yet important quiz mixing it with the awareness about COVID-19 along with MATLAB concepts. Took some attempts to cross the finish line due to the nature of the questions. Some questions seem simple but are not as simple as they look. Thanks for organising such an interesting quiz. Stay safe.

Hitesh Gorantla

Winner#2. Hitesh Gorantla

Score: 75%; India

Testimonial: It's awesome. It helped me a lot in my project, and the expert's opinion on the problem are flawless makes me more eager to learn MATLAB. I strongly recommend it.

Rahul Maroju

Winner#3. Rahul Maroju

Score: 82%; India

Testimonial: MATLAB Helper is doing a wonderful job by helping out various students and professionals around the globe to develop their MATLAB skills. I particularly enjoyed a quiz experience on COVID-19, which exposed me to the various analytical tools which can help for analyzing this pandemic. I hope to see many such future events and continue their good work.


Winner#4. Agata Cieszyńska

Score: 75%; Poland

Testimonial: I really recommend Matlab Helper (MH). It gives lots of news and tips on Matlab exploration. What is more, the latest challenge of MH is nice and up to date with the ongoing pandemic situation; it's useful for junior and senior Matlab Users. God job MH :) !

Tushar Suresh Magare

Winner#5. Tushar Suresh Magare

Score: 77.27% ; India

Testimonial: The experience has been a pleasant one. MATLAB Helper provides high-quality learning education for the students. Thank you.

Asna Akhtar.

Winner#6. Asna Akhtar

Score: 82%; India

Testimonial: Yeah,  Quiz is great and knowledgeable. I've tried hard to score 75+%. No doubt, I have failed 5-6 times but succeeded in the end. Thanks to the MATLAB Helper for organizing such an amazing quiz on COVID-19 along with some MATLAB questions. Questions seem easy but tricky too but happy to score more than 75+%

Disney Sivalingam

Winner#7. Disne Sivalingam

Score:81.82% ; Sri Lanka

Testimonial: I have participated in a quiz. This was interesting, and from that, I leant something new. It is really helpful for the person who is doing researches. Thanks to MATLAB Helper for arranging such monthly quizzes. I suggest this one to all the researchers.

Nayan Prakash

Winner#8. Nayan Prakash

Score: 79.55%; India

Testimonial: As the experience is still going on, I don't want it to be ended. Because this organization is doing so well and giving a quality of education and skills to the upcoming technical students.

Ajit Kumar

Winner#9. Ajit Kumar


Testimonial: It's a very good quiz by MATLAB Helper during this quarantine time. I played and scored good marks. And hope this type of quiz come more and more in the future and we played and enhance our skills.

Mohd Atif

Winner#10. Mohd Atif

Score: 82%; India

Testimonial: MATLAB Helper always helped me whenever I was stuck in between. I recommend MATLAB Helper to every student interested in doing a successful project & research work! MATLAB Helper has completely surpassed my expectations. Just book their service and forget all your worries. Even free webinars are quite worthy. Every individual won't regret their decision after taking the services.