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MH Quiz Contest – Dec’19

This is an MCQ based online quiz on Math and MATLAB. Participation in the online quiz is completely free and you can attempt the quiz multiple times without any limit.

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The Mathematics in Sports

Education is our future. MATLAB is our feature. Happy MATLABing!

Winner Showcase

79 Participants with four scoring success score till 31st Dec 2019.

Christine K Mutwiri

#1. Christine Kagwiria Mutwiri

Score: 80%

Testimonial: MATLAB Helper has assisted me to learn MATLAB. Their quiz makes one think outside the box. I highly recommend it.

Dhiraj Kumar Burnwal

#2. Dhiraj Kumar Burnwal

Score: 75%

Testimonial: I have participated in a quiz called Quiz Contest – Dec’19. This quiz was so amazing and interesting that not only this let you think out of the box but also you get interested to know about more services they offer. Thanks to MATLAB Helper for arranging such a quality quiz for us. I loved this one.


#3. Arun Amingad

Score: 75%

Testimonial: Superb! I mean the learning just doesn't stop. It makes me feel that there is so much out there to explore and then the skills are put to test during the quizzes. Keep going MATLAB Helper and all the best for the new year 2020.