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MATLAB Helper ® Quiz Contest – Jan'20

This is an MCQ based online quiz on App Designer. Participation in the online quiz is completely free and you can attempt the quiz multiple times without any limit.

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The Mathematics in Sports

Education is our future. MATLAB is our feature. Happy MATLABing!

Winner Showcase

Till 20th Jan 2020,  We saw participation of 144 enthusiasts. Three achieved success score and two completed all formalities and are featured here.

Omkar Pashte

#1. Omkar Sudhakar Paste

Score: 82.86%

Testimonial: I strongly recommend MATLAB Helper as the training program, and different programmes from MATLAB can get you hands-on MATLAB. Even a person with no knowledge about MATLAB can get acquainted with it after joining MATLAB Helper. The monthly quiz also is so impressive that we need to open MATLAB and search for it. It was an outstanding experience.


#2. Arun Amingad

Score: 77%

Testimonial: The experience has been different and a nice one. The topic on app designer was completely naive for me. It's been an immense pleasure to get so much learning from the MATLAB Helper team. Understanding a new topic is an entirely new experience, and when you get a quality quiz prepared, you know you have to have the proper knowledge. The quiz makes you learn and analyse how the app designer works apart from focussing on the GUI, Panels, push buttons etc. Hoping to perform well again in the next quiz.