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MATLAB Helper ® Quiz Contest – Nov’20

This is an MCQ based online quiz with theme of Ramayana. Participation in the online quiz is completely free and you can attempt the quiz multiple times without any limit. 

Education is our future. MATLAB is our feature. Happy MATLABing!

Winner Showcase

449 Participants as of 30th November with 57 Prospective Winners and maximum score of 100%. Only 2 followed all the guidelines and are featured here.

Suraj Prakash

Winner #1. Suraj Prakash

Score: 80.49% ; Country: India

Testimonial: It is a friendly platform for learning MATLAB and its application in our industry. This platform provides the learning content straightforwardly to quickly grasp the knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink.

Pallela Sai Likhitha

Winner #2. Pallela Sai Likhitha

Score: 95.12% ; Country: India

Testimonial: The platform has a unique way of teaching MATLAB through quizzes and webinars. The Ramayana quiz is quite exciting and had a unique way of using MATLAB in the quiz and helped me understand MATLAB's basics concepts.