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MATLAB Helper ® Quiz Contest – Sep’20

This is an MCQ based online quiz on Control System. Participation in the online quiz is completely free and you can attempt the quiz multiple times without any limit. 

Education is our future. MATLAB is our feature. Happy MATLABing!

Winner Showcase

156 Participation as of 20th Sep 2020. 11 Prospective Winners with maximum score 100%. Only 3 followed all the guidelines and have been featured as winner below!

Anjali Gupta

Winner #1: Anjali Gupta

Score: 78.95%, Country: India

Testimonial: This 5-star rating is not a mere rating. Truly and sincerely, I appreciate their efforts towards learning methodology. That helps the learner to gain insight knowledge truly. Moreover, testing knowledge through quiz is really wonderful not just at the end of the course but also at each stage during the course. I truly, recommend all future learners to join MATLAB Helper courses if you are sincere towards learning and gaining insight.

Asna Akhtar

Winner #2: Asna Akhtar

Score: 63.16%; Country: India

Testimonial: MATLAB Helper is such a great platform for learning. It is a platform of great knowledge and excellent learning skills. Once again I've participated in the MH Quiz contest and it was a great experience to solve the quiz which is based on the control system. It is really helpful. Thanks to the MATLAB Helper for helping us provide the solutions to our doubts in the easiest way. Stay blessed.

Rajashree N P

Winner #3. Rajashree N P

Score: 76.32%; Country: India

Testimonial: This quiz helped me understand the concepts of the control system better. I would recommend MATLAB Helper to all interested in learning more about MATLAB and improving their skills.