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Research Assistance

This is the best plan to get MATLAB expert assistance for MATLAB project or Simulink research support with all benefits of MATLAB Helper ®

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Get Expert Help with Research Assistance

Live Session with Screen-sharing and Whiteboard Support along with audio, video or written chat support AND/OR Offline Work from a Certified MATLAB Expert by MATLAB Helper ®

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Are you looking for the implementation of a Paper in MATLAB or Simulink? Have you looked for online MATLAB tutoring but still convinced with anyone? Are you looking for MATLAB help in a long-term project or PhD thesis? You have reached to the perfect place. At MATLAB Helper ®, we provide MATLAB Expert Guidance with Research Assistance from one-to-one learning to full implementation of the work. Check all our amazing features and book your monthly plan today.

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Philippa E. - PhD Fellow

Experts in Various Domains

Our experts are here to help in Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Business, and several other domains of advanced nature.

Plans from 5 to 20 Hours

We have plans for you with a minimum of 5 Hours/Month to maximum 20 Hours/Month. Choose the plan as per your need.

10% Monthly Fee Reduction

Every consecutive month & until 6th month of your subscription, you get the same or upgraded plan of expert hours with 10% lower price.

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Research Assistance

Are you looking for expert assistance in a long-term project or thesis or something else? You are just a Click away from online MATLAB help. Book Research Assistance today!

Are you letting MATLAB delay your project? Is MATLAB holding up your task? Choose our affordable research assistance plans to get direct assistance from Certified MATLAB experts in your field.  Get our research assistance plan to let us do the hard work in MATLAB while you do the hard work at your organization.

Benefit 1

Flexible timing to e-Meet a Certified Expert Online with Scheduled Meetings

Benefit 2

Take your Project & Idea to Completion with offline work & assistance

Benefit 3

Amazing support with quick & instant response from Experts & Customer Care


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The best on the internet! Research Assistance from MATLAB Helper is awesome. I will let my friends know about this. They could really make use of the Research Assistance! Very easy to book and utilize.


Business Analyst

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The Beginner plan is an entry-level plan with 5 hours of expert's time and the Ultimate plan is of advanced level with 20 hours of expert's time in a month. Any additional time beyond your monthly plan limit will need to be booked via Pay As You Go Plan.


5 Hours/Month

5% lower than PAYG Plan

10% extra discount each month till M#6




20 Hours/Month

20% lower than PAYG Plan

10% extra discount each month till M#6




5 Hours/Month

5% lower than PAYG Plan

10% extra discount each month till M#6





20 Hours/Month

20% lower than PAYG Plan

10% extra discount each month till M#6




10% monthly fee reduction

Applicable for every subsequent month

  • Continuously use our monthly service and get approx 10% reduction in the expert fee up to 6th month of subscription after which the expert fee will be fixed as per the fee of the 6th month. 
  • You can upgrade the plan at the beginning of a month and continue using the 10% reduced fee even in the upgraded plan.

Utilize leftover time in next month

Applicable till your order is active

Did your work or life make you busy and you were not able to use the expert hours in the ongoing month completely? Don't worry as we allow you to take over the remaining expert hours up to your plan limit to one monthly cycle ahead.

Your leftover expert hours are utilized first in the next month.

These customers love our Research Assistance.

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Book your assistance plan today!

Did you hit a wall with the implementation of a MATLAB project or Simulink project? Have you tried different ways but still not able to proceed in your work? Discuss your requirement with our support and choose the monthly plan you would like to book. Get a dedicated MATLAB expert allotted to you and progress in your project along with the expert. Use online sessions with screen sharing or just ask for offline work. Get your task completed with the assistance of a Certified MATLAB Expert.

I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. I will refer everyone I know.

Neel I.

Research Fellow




You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like our service or expert's help, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after use of the service. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


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