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Course – Digital Signal Processing

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An online premium course that will develop your Digital Signal Processing skills. Benefits of purchasing this course:

  • Access to 7 Chapters & 14 Lessons
  • ​Access to the final Quiz
  • ​Access to 10 Video Lessons
  • Access to all MATLAB Codes and theoretical explanation
  • Verified e-Certificate from MATLAB Helper ® on completion


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Signal processing using digital computers and special-purpose digital hardware has taken on major significance in the past decade. The inherent flexibility of digital elements permits the utilization of a variety of sophisticated signal processing techniques that had previously been impractical to implement. Advances in integrated circuit technology have had a major impact on the technical areas to which digital signal processing techniques and hardware are being applied. Applications of these techniques are now prevalent in such diverse areas as biomedical engineering, acoustics, sonar, radar, seismology, speech communication, telephony, nuclear science, image processing, and many others. Thus, a thorough understanding of digital signal processing fundamentals and techniques is essential for anyone concerned with signal processing applications. Join the course, Study online, and earn the certificate after completion of the course! Explore course content here.

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