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Course – Machine Learning

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An online premium course that will develop your Machine Learning skills. Benefits of purchasing this course:

  • Access to 2 Modules with 38+ Lessons
  • ​Access to the final Quiz
  • ​Access to all video lessons to get 4+ hours of video learning
  • Access to all explanations, MATLAB codes and result
  • Verified e-Certificate from MATLAB Helper ® on completion


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Comprehend the conceptual analysis of Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms. Implement linear, classification, and clustering algorithms using MATLAB and the Classification learning app with practical examples, projects and datasets.

The Machine Learning Course is currently the most practical course available on the web. Rather than conducting memorization, we have structured lessons systematically, which will help with problem-solving with realistic goals. This course aims to help you start from the beginning and become a Machine Learning Engineer. This course is a must for you if you want to:
1) Gain a theoretical understanding of data analysis and how to apply it in MATLAB.
2) Develop theoretical principles as well as MATLAB implementations of machine learning algorithms.
3) Understand how to use the learner app in MATLAB for machine learning.
This course is built for both complete beginners who had never programmed before and experienced programmers who want to extend their career opportunities by understanding Machine Learning.
This course takes a very realistic approach, and we’ll start from the beginning. After a few introductory tutorials, we’ll dive straight into coding. Furthermore, the course is jam-packed with hands-on activities focused on real-life scenarios. As a result, you’ll not only learn the theory, but you’ll also get some experience while designing your models. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create Machine Learning Model. Join the course, Study online, and earn the certificate after completion of the course! Explore course content here.

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