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Course – Neural Network

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An online premium course that will develop your Neural Network skills. Benefits of purchasing this course:

  • Access to 2 Modules with 10 Chapters & 17 Lessons
  • ​Access to the final Quiz
  • ​Access to all 16 Video Lessons of approx 130 minutes duration
  • Access to all Explanations, MATLAB Codes and Result
  • Verified e-Certificate from MATLAB Helper ® on completion


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Just like our brain contains neurons and synapses connecting them, Neural Networks also contain neurons, and the connection between these is called weights. Just like our sensory system sends our brain signal, Neural Network also sends the signal back using something known as backpropagation. Just as we improve our mistakes by comparing our actions with the right actions, Neural Networks also compare their results with actual results using something known as the cost function. Just like our brains tell us to do a specific action in a particular situation by sending signals to our muscles, Neural Networks also send signals using the process known as feedforward propagation.

This is just a basic example of the structure of one type of neural network. Yes, there are other types of Neural Networks as well, and we are going to discuss them in this course.

Join the course, Study online, and earn the certificate after completion of the course! Explore course content here.

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