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Get MATLAB Code, Simulink Model, MATLAB App, MATLAB GUI, and any necessary input or support files discussed in the Learning Portal video or article for the selected Title.

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Important Notes:

  1. We only provide content created by the author in a specific MATLAB version mentioned with each Title’s description. Functionalities differ from one version to another version of MATLAB, and so does the configuration of your system. Hence, the execution can produce different results or take another running time.
  2. The purchase of a product from Learning Portal Resources authorizes you to get the link to download the .zip file an unlimited number of times. If you cannot download the file, you can drop us an email at [email protected], and we will help you with downloading it.
  3. The .zip file will contain all MATLAB-related files, any necessary inputs, and a Report, which shows the result obtained by the content creator in their system with a specific MATLAB Version & Toolbox or libraries used.
  4. Our Expert Help is a different service which you can book separately. Purchasing any Title under Learning Portal Resources is a non-refundable order. It does not allow one-to-one interaction with an expert. If you face any technical problem, you should enquire expert’s availability through our website chat or email before booking an expert help.

ASL Vowel Recognition, MwM – Top 10 Female Population, Robot Motion & Localization with Particle Filter, BLDC Motor Speed Controller, Electric Vehicle Simulation, Oscillation of Mass Spring System, DL – Regression Problem, DL – Classification Problem, Battery Management System, DL – Convolutional Neural Network, DL – Data Augmentation, DL – LSTM network, ML – K-Means Clustering, ML – Simple Linear Regression, ML – Multiple Linear Regression, ML – Logistic Regression, ML – K-Nearest Neighbors, ML – Naïve Bayes, ML – Support Vector Machine, ML – Decision Tree, FwM – Electromagnetic Wave in 3D, Nonlinear constrained optimization with fmincon, Pitch Detection of Speech Signal Using Autocorrelation, Automatic Parking Assistance System, Electric field due to a system of charges, Modelling of Newtons law of cooling, Mastermind Game with App Designer, Connect Four with App Designer, Symmetric Key Cryptography, Generate Verilog code from Simulink model, Solar Intelligent Power Generation System, Understanding Slingshot Effect, MwM – Top 10 Male Population, MwM – Top 10 Population, Interference Pattern, Open & Closed Loop Buck Converter, Image Processing using Fuzzy Logic, shorts – Real-time Audio Spectrum, FwM – Animation in MATLAB, Webinar – Blood Cell Counter

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