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Our Training programs are designed to focus on Skill Building and Logic Development, which involve a practical learning approach.

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Additional Instructions:

  1. We can conduct training online via Zoom cloud conferencing or in-office at Vaishali Nagar Branch, Jaipur, India, or at a location determined by the administration.
  2. You should discuss any course customization request in advance.
  3. Minimum 1 Person can be part of a Training Batch.
  4. Each trainee needs to have their laptop/desktop during the training period.
  5. For online training, internet connectivity must be proper for the trainee.
  6. For in-office training, the trainees will be self-responsible for food, accommodation, and logistics.
  7. We can commence the training within one week from the booking or our trainers’ availability with existing bookings.
  8. Our training time in the morning session is 11 AM to 1 PM IST & in the night session is 8 PM to 10 PM IST. We are flexible with a minor shift of timings. You can discuss this over WhatsApp or Website chat.

MATLAB Professional, MATLAB Associate, Application Designer, Simulink Fundamental, Image Processing, Arduino Interfacing, Machine Learning

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