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What We Do At MATLAB Helper ®

We assist from fundamentals to advanced MATLAB and Simulink Projects which includes IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing and many more. Our specialty lies in the way we have assisted and provided guidance in corporate projects, academic and research work along with specialized MATLAB training and MATLAB workshops. Our Training programs are designed with the focus towards Skill Building and Logic Development which involve practical learning approach.

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Learn MATLAB, Simulink or other modules from MathWorks Certified MATLAB Experts.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

Once you are enrolled in our training program, a training schedule is made for you. We emphasize on personal attention to each trainee. Hence our minimum batch size can be of one person and maximum batch size can be up to ten participants. 

Industrial Experience

We train you with the latest advancement in the world of MATLAB and Simulink with our modules and raise your skills with improved industrial experience with logic & algorithm development .

Practical Knowledge

Every Training Program administered by MATLAB Helper ® involves Real-Life Situations and Practical problems for you. These problems will help you in improving your thought building skills.

Enhanced Employability

Our training will allow you to learn and groom your skills. Your developed skill of MATLAB & Simulink is valued highly in the market and will enhance your chances of employability.


Your proficiency is assessed throughout the training, project and online assessment. You will be given a MATLAB Helper ® Certificate of Merit or Achievement for the Training Period.

Here’s what people are saying about our training programs

The following testimonials are from some of the beneficiaries of MATLAB Helper ® Trainings. Such feedback motivate us to do the good work even better and We are always improving.

Rajat lohia

Graduate Student

Gained Impressive Knowledge

It's incredible. I am so pleased with the teaching and the algorithm development skills gained during my training. I am really satisfied with the practical examples and hands-on covered in the training.

Vernon n
MS, Professor
Worth the value I paid!

Training is worth much more than I paid. I was amazed at the quality of Training and the examples covered in MATLAB, and AppDesigner from real life problems. Thank you so much for your help. It's wonderful. You guys rock!

Yogesh Mangal

Graduate Trainee

Best Experience!

MATLAB Helper provide training and internship in MATLAB. It covers many topics of MATLAB. I have received my training from MATLAB Helper with the best experience. It also provide many webinar which is helpful to learning in MATLAB.

What’s in the training?

Our training have different modules as per the program enrolled by you.


Module 1: Fundamental to Advanced MATLAB

From how do I begin in MATLAB till what is the limitation of the MATLAB, This module covers everything which will be needed by you to become a MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate. Some of the topics are: Working with the MATLAB User Interface, Variables and Commands, Vectors and Matrices, Visualization with 2D and 3D Plots, Dates and Times, Conditional Data Selection, Analyzing Data from Files, Flow Control, Functions, Strings, Tables, Cells, etc. with industrial problems and examples. This Module is a must not just for knowing MATLAB but for being able to do Logic & Algorithm Development and Improving Thought Building Skills.


Module 2: Building Prototype with MATLAB App Designer

App Designer lets you create professional apps without having to be a professional software developer. App Designer is a rich development environment that provides layout and code views, a fully integrated version of the MATLAB editor, and a large set of interactive components. You can package an app installer file directly from the App Designer toolstrip, or you can create a standalone desktop or web app. App Designer is the recommended environment for building apps in MATLAB and is the best solution for your prototype building and industrial projects.


Module 3: Modeling and Simulation with Simulink

Explore Simulink, an environment for multi-domain simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems. Through demonstrations, you will see a high-level overview of the major capabilities and how you can use Simulink to design, simulate, implement, and test a variety of time-varying systems, including communications, controls, signal processing, video processing, and image processing.


Module 4: Image Processing & Computer Vision

Discover how to use computer vision and image processing techniques in MATLAB to solve practical image analysis, automation, and detection problems using real-world examples. Use MATLAB apps to explore your data interactively and automatically generate MATLAB code. This means you don’t have to code from scratch. Explore the latest features in image processing and computer vision such as interactive apps, new image enhancement algorithms, data pre-processing for deep learning, and 3D algorithms.


Module 5: Hardware Interfacing of Arduino with MATLAB & Simulink

MATLAB & Simulink Support Packages for Arduino Hardware enables you to use MATLAB to communicate with an Arduino board and run Simulink models on Arduino board. You can read and write sensor data through the Arduino and immediately see the results in MATLAB without having to compile. The target includes a library of Simulink blocks for configuring and accessing Arduino sensors, actuators and communication interfaces. Additionally, the target enables you to monitor and tune algorithms running on the Arduino board from the same Simulink models from which you developed the algorithms.


Module 6: Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning with Algorithms

If you want to get a real sense of Machine Learning techniques, this module is for you. This module is also for you if you've spent hours upon hours studying machine learning theory but have never been able to put it into practice or figure out how to use it to address data science challenges. This module takes an efficient approach, and you will start from the beginning. After a few introductory lessons, we'll jump right into coding, and we'll attempt to keep the theory to a bare minimum. All codings will be done in MATLAB, one of the most common programming languages used by top data science research groups worldwide and is one of the most essential programming languages for engineers and science students.

About Our Trainer

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan is a MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate and has an experience of guiding more than 800 clients in MATLAB, Simulink and numerous programming languages since 2014. He founded MATLAB Helper ® to build next-generation of technology developers and to establish a portal which is committed to bring MATLAB & Simulink learners, instructors, and experts together. He has expertise in the field of Image Processing and Computer Vision beside most of his work done for assisting visually impaired people with accessibility solutions. He has organized multiple in-office training and on-site workshop programs concerned from fundamental to advanced level for scholars as well as teachers. He has received multiple awards including National Winner of Social Innovation by Prime Minister of India and among Top five Social Innovator for Global Impact by Israel Embassy as well as covered in Mann Ki Baat, an Indian programme hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He loves listening to music with Alexa in free time and developing routines which can automate or smartly connect different tools. Connect with Gunjan on LinkedIn.

Here’s what people are saying about our trainer

The below testimonial are an indication of what you can expect from your trainer, once you decide to go ahead with our Training Programs.

Emily Coleman


Quick, Amazing & Understanding!

Gunjan was amazing! He quickly was able to show me where I had my logic wrong in writing my code. He then was able to explain the differences and help me understand it better.

Adam Jones


How easy it was to explain the difficult point for him!

Thank you so much Gunjan G. for your lesson, i really get the benefit from you and the difficult points was really easy with your explanation, I highly recommended people to get you. 

Madhavi Sharma

Research Fellow

Helpful, patient with prompt solutions!

Gunjan is an exception MATLAB expert. He has prompt solution to my problem, helpful and patient. He helped me clear up issues in my codes and made sure I had no questions left. I highly suggest him.

Why Your Training Is Valuable?

Every Training Program administered by MATLAB Helper ® involves Real-Life Situations and Practical problems for participants. We don't limit the training to just theoretical knowledge rather we make sure that you are given with the practical knowledge of the latest advancement in the world of MATLAB and Simulink and how these skills can raise your industrial experience and employability factor.  Why MATLAB is worth it's cost of $940 for a Standard annual license and Why everyone in Research & Development are using MATLAB and not Python, C or C++ even though they are free?

You will be getting personalized learning, instructions and attention during the training program which is rarely seen from any trainer or institute. Our trainings are completely focused on MATLAB & Simulink only and you will not find any organization with the single focus on MATLAB & Simulink. We use a variety of techniques to strengthen ideas and build proficiency. We can even customize our curriculum based on the profile of our trainees as per the request, if budget allows. All trainees have access to free self-paced online courses for non-stop learning during the year.

Training Plans

Choose the module you wish to learn.

MATLAB Associate

20 Hours, 10 Sessions

₹ 22500 
$ 270
MATLAB Professional

40 Hours, 20 Sessions

₹ 36000 
$ 430
Image Processing

10 Hours, 5 Sessions

₹ 11000 
$ 135
Application Designer

20 Hours, 10 Sessions

₹ 22500 
$ 270
Arduino interfacing

6 Hours, 3 Sessions

₹ 9000 
$ 110
Simulink Fundamental

14 Hours, 7 Sessions

₹ 15500 
$ 190
Machine Learning

40 Hours, 20 Sessions

₹ 45000 
$ 540


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason, you don't like our training program, you can get a full refund anytime before your second session. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and we'll either help you out until you get what you need or give you a swift refund. The full refund will not include the payment gateway charge.

Don’t wait! Look at what past trainees have to say about our Training Program

Dorita Y.


Getting Better & Better!

Wow, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it. I made back the purchase price with my quick promotion! I STRONGLY recommend Training to EVERYONE interested in improving their professional MATLAB skills!

Woodie L.


Most Valuable Business Decision!

The service is worth much more than I paid. We were treated like royalty. MATLAB Helper Training & Workshop programs are the most valuable business decision we have ever taken. I was lucky to be a part of their program.

Rana K.

Research Fellow

Amazing Quality of Training Program!

I was amazed at the quality of Training. I just can't get enough of what I learnt. I want to get some hoodie with MATLAB Helper logo on it so I can show it off to everyone.

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