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A Live Session allows us to connect with our users, followers, and supporters with a more personalized touch and It also allows you to know us individually. Our webinars are focused on MATLAB and Simulink and we regularly organize events for the benefit of our patrons and participants. With our webinar, you are not limited to learning but you can also get a verified certificate of your new skill mastered.

Industrial Interaction MATLAB Helper

Industrial Interaction on How Machine Learning is Transforming Industry

Industry interaction is essential for ensuring that the implementation of theory knowledge meets practical knowledge in the real world. Industrial specialists and experts are bought together to guide these learners in their respective fields.

Introduction to Deep Learning Course

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning where artificial neural networks, algorithms inspired by the human brain, learn from extensive data. Like how we learn from experience, the deep learning algorithm would repeatedly perform a task, each time tweaking it a little to improve the outcome. 

MATLAB Hackathon Nirma University

MATLAB hackathon is for engineering students who are enthusiasts in problem-solving and developing their already learned knowledge. The motive of this hackathon is to input some industrial cognizance to young minds and train them for some real-world engineers. 

Introduction to Machine Learning Course

Comprehend the conceptual analysis of Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms. Implement linear, classification, and clustering algorithms using MATLAB and the Classification learning app with practical examples, projects and datasets.

Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Course

Do you wish to learn more about Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB? You will develop a DSP knowledge complete enough to analyze a practical communication system in detail.

Introduction to Numerical Methods Course

A numerical method is a tool that deals with the mathematical model to give a valid statistical or graphical result. MATLAB Helper is providing you with a premium online course on Numerical Methods.

Introduction to Control System Course

In this online course, we will introduce you to the theory along with the examples of MATLAB & Simulink and approach to various topics of Control Systems.

Introduction to Stock Market Application Course

In this online course, we take you on a guided tour of building your very own and possibly your very first application on the Stock Market using the powerful software of MATLAB App Designer.

Introduction to Neural Network Course

MATLAB Helper ® is providing a complete online course on Neural Network. Join our online course and learn fantastic techniques of Neural Network with MATLAB.

Image Processing using Fuzzy Logic

Webinar #18. Image Processing using Fuzzy Logic

Learn to implement Fuzzy Logic for Image Processing techniques like edge detection, noise reduction, image segmentation, etc.

Mapping Toolbox

Webinar #17. Mapping Toolbox in MATLAB

Have you ever imagined creating your own customized map of a place or a globe using coding? MATLAB makes it possible with its Mapping toolbox.

Control System Designer Toolbox

Webinar #16. Control System Designer Toolbox

For a given Transfer function, draw the bode plot and the step response in MATLAB and design a compensator using the Control System Designer Toolbox.


Webinar #15. Optimizing system using Simulink Design optimization

Learn the necessary steps to do parameter estimation for a model on Simulink. Find the best controller parameters that fit with your response requirements.


Webinar #14. Data Analysis, Modelling and Forecasting of COVID-19

The world has united to fight a Pandemic, Coronavirus. Let's analyze the country-wise data in MATLAB for modelling and forecasting of the disease. Learn MATLAB with a real-life scenario and #StaySafeAtHome


Webinar #13. Memory Puzzle with MATLAB

Design an interactive app in MATLAB for challenging the brain concentration that requires players to spot identical images from a group of pictures and that too in a fixed amount of time. Participate in our webinar and gain new skills.

Webinar Cove LiveImgEnhance

Webinar #12. Image Enhancement with MATLAB

Are you ready to take the next step in Image Processing? Learn Image Enhancement with various techniques and effective results along with examples of medical images. Watch our webinar and improve your skills.


Webinar #11. Raspberry Pi with MATLAB & Simulink

In this webinar, you are learning how to interface Raspberry Pi, a low cost and credit-card sized computer with MATLAB and Simulink. Create amazing applications with your Raspberry Pi and the learning of this webinar.

Fitness Tracker MATLAB Webinar

Webinar #10. Fitness Tracker with MATLAB

In this webinar, you will get to know about your fitness and health along with the importance of the parameters like BMI, WHR, WHtR, etc. You will be able to track your fitness within MATLAB with our Application.

Blood Cell Counter with MATLAB

Webinar #9. Blood Cell Counter with MATLAB

In this webinar, you will learn the concepts of image segmentation for analyzing and counting red and white blood cells in MATLAB along with the App Designer. If you want to create a project based on RBC & WBC Segmentation, this webinar is a must-watch.


Webinar #8. IPL with MATLAB

Perform programming with the Indian Premier League in MATLAB and visualize the progress of each team as it's happening with the graphical power of MATLAB & App Designer.

Stock Market with MATLAB Webinar

Webinar #7. Stock Market with MATLAB

In this webinar, you are introduced to the fantastic world of Stock Market with MATLAB App Designer. If you want to fetch current data of the stock market from any financial website or you want to create your stock prediction with AI, you will be able to learn everything with us.

Arduino MATLAB Simulink Webinar

Webinar #6. Arduino with MATLAB &  Simulink

In this webinar series, we have covered hardware interfacing of Arduino with MATLAB and Simulink. Watch the three-part video series, practice the operations with our expert and get proficient skills in Arduino and MATLAB.

The Mathematics in Sports Webinar

Webinar #5. The Mathematics in Sports

In this webinar, you will learn how to use mathematical concepts like uncertainty, probability, statistics, etc. to predict cricket results and ranking. If you play fantasy leagues, you will thank us for teaching how to create your predictor application with MATLAB.

Karaoke Extraction Webinar

Webinar #4. Karaoke Extraction using MATLAB

In this webinar, you will extract karaoke from various music using MATLAB. If you want to create your instrumental music and later add your voice on top of the acoustic music, you should start by watching this webinar.

Code and Play Games Webinar

Webinar #3. Code and Play Games with MATLAB

In this webinar event, you will learn coding games like Sudoku, Rock Paper Scissor, Mario and Tic Tac Toe using MATLAB with a two video series. Create your own game in MATLAB and enjoy your gaming experience with MATLAB

Face Detection Webinar

Webinar #2. Face Detection Counter with MATLAB

In this webinar, you will learn how to build a face detector with MATLAB. This learning can be used for your academic project or as a part of the professional project.

Neural Network Webinar Cover

Webinar #1. Introduction to Neural Network

In this webinar, you'll be introduced to Neural Network and ways to learn this new and astonishing field being discussed day and night with MATLAB and Simulink. You will learn Data Fitting & Pattern Recognition and introduced to MATLAB Helper ® Course.