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Learn Arduino with #MATLABHelperLive

We have conducted four webinars & one live interactive session in this series along with diverse themes to help you learn Arduino. Here is the chronology of our events:
Episode #1.  Integration of Arduino with MATLAB & Simulink

Episode #2. Arduino with Simulink & External Sensors

Episode #3. Arduino with Servo Motors & GSM in MATLAB

Episode #4. 2D Mapping with Arduino and Thingspeak

Live Session#1. Arduino with Thingspeak

Scroll below to access each webinar or live interactive session. Happy Learning!

Integration of Arduino with MATLAB & Simulink  - Episode #1

In Episode #1, we highlighted the Interfacing of Arduino with MATLAB and covered the following topics:
1. Download & Install Hardware Packages on your MATLAB
2. Check your connection to the Board and setup Arduino Uno/Mega
3. Blink Program using MATLAB Command-Line.
4. Adding an External LED and controlling it using MATLAB Command-Line.
5. Controlling Servo Motor with Arduino using MATLAB
6. Blink Program using Simulink
7. Using Potentiometer to print values to MATLAB Command-Line.

Interfacing Arduino with Simulink & External Sensors - Episode #2

In Episode #2, we focused on interfacing Arduino with Simulink and external sensors by covering the following topics:
1. Revision of the basic concept of Arduino and quick installation guide for Hardware packages
2. Controlling Servo Motor with Simulink.
3. Arduino Controlled Plant Watering System.
4. Getting Started with Bluetooth with Arduino.
5. Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 Libraries and use with Arduino and MATLAB.

Arduino with Servo Motors & GSM in MATLAB - Episode #3

In Episode #3, we focused on connecting Arduino with Servo Motors, GSM and wirelessly by covering the following topics:
1. Connecting Bluetooth HC-05 with MATLAB
2. Control LED from Android using Bluetooth
3. Control Servo Motor from Android using Bluetooth
4. Connect GSM Module with Arduino and MATLAB. Test the Connection!
5. More projects with wireless technologies and their application.

2D Mapping with Arduino and Thingspeak - Episode #4

In Episode #4, we switched to an application of Internet of Things (IoT) with Arduino and Thingspeak. In this webinar, you will learn how you can use the MATLAB support package for Arduino and ultrasonic sensors dealing specifically with autonomous robots along with servo motor to create a 2D map of the environment. Autonomous robot systems depend highly on their ability to recover a durable spatial model of their surroundings from sensory information and use it in robot planning and control. All these abilities enable the robot to make its own temporary decisions based on the sensor's data. There has been an exponential development in Arduino based projects with a touch of advancement every time. Here we will learn to send the data over the internet to the cloud or IoT analytics platform ThingSpeak™ and visualization of the data over ThingSpeak. ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service that allows you to aggregate, visualize, and analyze live data streams in the cloud. ThingSpeak provides instant visualizations of data posted by your devices to ThingSpeak. With the ability to execute MATLAB® code in ThingSpeak, you can perform online analysis and process the data as it comes in.

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Visualize data over ThingSpeak and Arduino for 2D mapping of the environment

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What you'll discover on this webinar

  • 1
    Installing Various Hardware Packages in MATLAB
  • 2
    Programming the Arduino for the Ultrasonic Map Maker
  • 3
    Data Visualization over ThingSpeak

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