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Blood Cell Counter with MATLAB

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Learn the image segmentation concepts to analyze and count red and white blood cells in MATLAB and App Designer. Create a project based on RBC & WBC Segmentation; Updated & Tested in MATLAB R2023B with App Designer.

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In this webinar, you will learn the concepts of image segmentation for analyzing and counting red and white blood cells in MATLAB and the App Designer. If you want to create a project based on RBC & WBC Segmentation, this webinar is a must-watch. Perform automated RBC and WBC counting for overlapped and non-overlapped cells live in MATLAB.

A microscopic image of the blood smear is often used to categorize and identify conditions that affect one or more types of blood cells and to monitor individuals undergoing treatment for these conditions. Many diseases, disorders, and deficiencies can affect the number and type of blood cells produced, their function, and their lifespan. Examples include anemia, myeloproliferative neoplasms, bone marrow disorders, and leukemia. Therefore the estimation of blood cells plays a crucial role in medical diagnosis and pathological study. The conventional method involves the manual counting of the blood cells, which is very time consuming and inaccurate. Unlike old traditional methods, this low cost automated counter allows you to make fast and accurate results with less human interactions. The proposed system's primary goal is to detect and count all the WBC and RBC, including the overlapping ones in the blood smear image using an image processing toolbox in MATLAB. It consists of the analysis and pre-processing of the blood smear sample. The overlapped RBC blood cell count is obtained by using a circular Hough transform.

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