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Webinar - Control System Designer Toolbox


Learn the designing of a control system using Control System Designer Toolbox in MATLAB.

Whether it is our day to day life or academic or industrial place, whether related to the regulation of temperature or plotting plots or controlling a domestic boiler, the Control system plays a significant role. 

For a given transfer function of a system, the control system is designed for the given design specifications or design requirements.

The various methods of tuning a compensator for designing the control system will be discussed using interactive techniques. This includes tuning the compensator graphically and using automated tuning methods. 

Not only designing the control system by tuning the compensator, but there is also a lot more in this toolbox. We can choose architecture according to our necessity and can export the designed control system to Simulink.

Not only this much, but we will also explore the methods of exporting the values of the blocks in the system to MATLAB workspace.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to Control System Designer toolbox.

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What you'll discover on this webinar

  • 1
    Plotting Bode plot and Step Response
  • 2
    Comparing results with predefined functions
  • 3
    Designing a control system in MATLAB & Simulink

To make it a great learning experience, we started this webinar with defining the prerequisites that are plotting bode plot and step response for the given transfer function. After that, we compared these obtained plots with the plots obtained from predefined functions. As a result, we get not only certain plots and parameters but also a hand-on experience of the importance and efficiency of using the toolbox. Watch our webinar and learn something new with MATLAB.

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