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Webinar - Image Enhancement with MATLAB


Take your first step towards image processing

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What you'll learn in this webinar

  • 1
    Noise Filtering with X-Rays
  • 2
    De-blurring Images using Wiener Filter on Flowers
  • 3
    Histogram Equalization on IRIS Scans

In this webinar, you will learn the concepts of enhancement methods in image processing using MATLAB. Images are easily susceptible to distortion, blurring and noise due to human error and external factors from the environment. A typical example of this is when you are attempting to shoot a photograph from your mobile camera without precise focus, or while filming a video, you get motion blurriness. With this webinar, we will encourage you to master the techniques for enhancing images from various digital obstacles. You will also create a MATLAB Application using AppDesigner which performs everything in a single platform with the power of MATLAB.

Enhancement methods are mostly used in the pharmaceutical field to enhance the medical images of the iris, X-Ray, etc. Furthermore, you will discover how to use MATLAB to examine notions for pathological image analysis. In image enhancement, the intent is to accentuate certain image features for subsequent analysis or image representation. These include principles of contrast and edge enhancement,  noise filtering, morphological operations, histogram equalisation as few of the covered topics of the webinar. Image enhancement is useful in feature extraction, image analysis, and visual information display and has been continuously being expanded with the new modernised world. This makes image enhancement a necessary aiding tool and a skill you must concur.

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