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Webinar:  Industrial Interaction


How do industries across the world employ MATLAB?

Industry interaction is essential for ensuring that the implementation of theory knowledge meets practical knowledge in the real world. It helps learners spread out across different industries to enhance their social and interpersonal skills.

Industrial specialists and experts are brought together to guide these learners in their respective fields. These webinars are not limited to only internships or someone's workspaces. 

The amount of benefit or learning a learner gets during this interaction is magnanimous. Learners become counterproductive.

If a learner has any doubts regarding his career path or if a student has some doubts regarding the job opportunities that he will receive after his graduation is tackled and cleared. 

It also benefits learners who are working professionals and want a career change. Based on this, learners can groom themselves, learn relevant skills and achieve ladders of success.

Grooming is essential as it will not leave the learners stranded and will ensure they acquire the appropriate resources before proceeding with their respective careers.

They get confidence that they can take their theoretical and practical knowledge to have a strong foothold in their chosen industry.

The 3 Best Comments were announced at the end of the Industrial Interaction. Those who registered for this event and followed the instructions will get MATLAB Helper ® Digital Certification.

How Machine Learning is Transforming Industry


Romil Shah

Gunjan Gupta

What you'll discover on this industrial interaction

  • 1
    What is the most difficult thing about learning ML?
  • 2
    What is a typical day working as an ML Engineer/Scientist?
  • 3
    How is MATLAB helpful in your career?

About Guest Speaker

Romil is an Applied Scientist working for Amazon Web Services. His work is focused on using Machine Learning for IoT devices using AWS. He has over 10 years of experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He has worked for Dolby, Ford and Volvo in the past. He has worked on high quality video analytics for Dolby, and worked on self-driving cars for Ford and Volvo. He holds multiple patents in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Above all, he started his journey at MATLAB Helper.

Romil Shah - Applied Scientist, Amazon Web Services

3 Best Comments in Industrial Interaction will get MATLAB Helper ® Digital Certification

  • step 1
    Register for #MATLABHelperLive and join the YouTube Live Stream on 20th August 2022 at 10:30 AM IST. Post comments with your queries during the Industrial Interaction. Our moderator and speaker will discuss some of the comments & will decide on the best three theme-related comments at the end of the session.
  • STEP 2
    We will announce the best 3 Comments at the end of the Live Session. So make sure to stay tuned in the industrial interaction till the end. You must email us within 24 Hours of our announcement from the Email Address used to register for the event. We will reply in 24 hours to your email along with the steps for getting our Certificate.

  • STEP 3
    You must place a free online order and complete a Google Form with the requested details, including your picture. You will get the digitally verifiable MATLAB Helper ® Certificate within 48 hours.