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Introduction to Neural Network

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In this webinar, you are introduced to Neural Network and ways to learn this new and astonishing field being discussed day and night with MATLAB and Simulink. You will learn Data Fitting & Pattern Recognition and introduced to MATLAB Helper ® Course. Learn Neural Network with MATLAB and earn a Certificate from MATLAB Helper ®.

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Our Online Course on Neural Network will introduce you to the world of Neurons and explain you different types of Neural Network with examples.

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The YouTube Playlist for our Neural Network Course:

What Does The Playlist Cover?


Introduction to Neural Network

Learn briefly about the mathematics behind Neural Networks and their applications in real life.


Data Fitting Neural Network (NN) GUI

Learn how to use the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Data Fitting Neural Network in MATLAB.


Function Approximation using Data fitting NN

Learn about the application of Data Fitting Neural Network using a simple function approximation example in MATLAB script.

How does the Playlist End?


Model Reference Control System

Learn what is Model Reference Control and how Neural Network is used to design a controller for the Plant.


Radial Basis Function Neural Network

Learn about Radial Basis Function Neural Network in MATLAB and a simple example on it using MATLAB script.