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Live Session: 

Programming IPL in MATLAB

Revealed: How to fetch data from IPL Website!

Perform programming with the Indian Premier League in MATLAB and visualize the progress of each team as it's happening with the graphical power of MATLAB & App Designer


IPL 2019 Prediction using MATLAB

Revealed: the monetary value of a player in predicting IPL Result!

In this webinar, you will learn the prediction of the cricket match result of IPL 2019 based on the past and current performances, the records, and the rules of the event. Are you a fan of the Indian Premier League? Do you enjoy coding? Have you ever thought of combining the IPL with Coding? We have designed an IPL Prediction application in MATLAB for all the enthusiasts.

This IPL application's main aim is to predict the playing XI of all the teams based on the pitch with the highest accuracy. Several factors affect a player's inclusion, like injury, national duty, or form of a player. Of several such factors, one that probably does not change their selection into the playing XI is their auction worth. Once a player's salary is fixed, their inclusion will not be affected by how much a player is paid. If injured, even the most expensive player will be rested. However, we made an IPL Team prediction based on the salaries. Just this one factor gives us a pretty decent accuracy rate. If you wish to create your predictor, follow the webinar process, or share your revamped version.