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Webinar - Mapping Toolbox in MATLAB


Wondering how you can create your own customized maps and globes in MATLAB?

MATLAB makes it possible with its Mapping toolbox.

This webinar will give you an introduction to this toolbox and help you know its essential functions and implementations.

You will also get to know the three most important uses of this toolbox and an application. Starting with what a Mapping toolbox does and its uses, this webinar is the ideal place for you to start with the Mapping toolbox.

The main topic that we will be concentrating on in this webinar would be performing various 2D and 3D maps and globe displays.

The focus is on creating a map of a place using its data and how to animate to produce a rotating globe with your customized properties. Further, learn how we can construct a map of major world cities enhanced with coastlines and terrain. 

We shall also see how to interactively pick a location and get the name and location of the nearest city. There is also an application given for this, where we shall see how we can plot the COVID-19 cases in a global geobubble map.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to Mapping toolbox.

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Get ready for exploring Mapping Toolbox

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What you'll discover on this webinar

  • 1
    Creating Maps Using MAPSHOW
  • 2
    Display a Rotating Globe and an interactive globe
  • 3
    Visualizing the COVID-19 cases in a map

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