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Webinar - Memory Puzzle with MATLAB


MATLAB Helper ® organized a workshop for students in GCE, Karad during October 2019 on Fundamental to Advanced MATLAB & Simulink. Our best two workshop participants, along with the event coordinator, have joined together for organizing this webinar and for showcasing their skills of App Designer with MATLAB Coding. Our mission is to develop the Next Generation of Technology Developers, and we are on the track of it.

A Short Time Based Puzzle to Test Your Memory

Webinar hosts




What you'll discover in this webinar

  • 1
    Introduction to App Designer
  • 2
    Algorithm Designing
  • 3
    MATLAB Coding techniques
  • 4
    Timer based program execution

Memory Puzzle with MATLAB is designed for challenging the brain concentration that requires players to spot identical images from a group of pictures. From the basic introduction of App Designer to intensive coding and timer execution, this webinar will help you learn new aspects of MATLAB Programming.

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