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Webinar - Raspberry Pi with MATLAB and Simulink


Revealed! 3 Functionalities to begin using Raspberry Pi with MATLAB & Simulink

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What you will learn in this webinar

  • 1
    Interfacing of Raspberry Pi with MATLAB and Simulink
  • 2
    Connecting PIR Sensor with Raspberry Pi and Processing Data in MATLAB
  • 3
    Executing Programs in Pi from MATLAB with analysis

In this webinar, you are learning how to interface Raspberry Pi, a low cost and credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV with MATLAB and Simulink. We begin with lighting an LED which is the "Hello World" for hardware and conclude by interfacing PIR sensor with Raspberry Pi. A lot is happening in our environment, and everyone is doing what they can to bring changes for a sustainable tomorrow. With this webinar,  we interact with some of the primary sensor to get the environmental parameters. If you want to create a project based on Raspberry Pi along with MATLAB or Simulink, this webinar is a must-watch. As a learner, you will be able to control the Raspberry Pi using MATLAB or Simulink and get adequate experience to build your projects further in time.

The webinar follows our mission to build the next generation of technology developers. There has been an exponential development in IoT based projects including the hardware like Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi holds a candle to the computer level processing thus have many applications in the industry as well as research and development areas. The central aspect of this webinar is to show how to interface Raspberry Pi and transfer data from Pi to MATLAB or Simulink for further processing. This shows us how to get a MATLAB level processing with data interaction even when using hardware of lower capabilities. The recent release of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, is powered with Broadcom BCM2711, Quad-core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC with CPU running at 1.5GHz as well as Raspberry Pi 3 will be used for all the examples during the webinar.

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