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Webinar - Simulink Design Optimization


Let's imagine that you want a system to be controlled.

Therefore, you go to Simulink, build the model, simulate it, compare the response obtained in simulation with your real measured data, and see that they do not match, what happened? Are you sure that you have found the correct parameters for your model? No?

Don't worry about it, with Simulink Design Optimization it is straightforward to discover this, you will only need actual measured data from your system, and then we will see how to estimate the parameters of your model.

Actually, if you want more, we could use the same toolbox to get a proper response from the system according to your requirements.

In this webinar, you will get introduced to Simulink Design Optimization toolbox, which is a robust approach used for modelling systems.

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Find the best controller parameters that fit with your response requirements

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What you'll discover on this webinar

  • 1
    Estimate model parameters for the Simulink model
  • 2
    Learn how to do preprocessing data for removing noise and outliers values
  • 3
    Validate the estimation preventing overfitting

Simulink Design Optimization is an exciting toolbox. It allows you to use optimization methods to minimize a cost function. This toolbox is commonly used for dynamical systems, as seen in control systems. It can help you in improving your system response and estimate the parameters of your model. In this webinar, the most critical features of Simulink Design Optimization will be covered to give you a complete insight. The two important topics which are being discussed are Parameter estimation & Response optimization. Watch our webinar and learn to create many real-world scenarios with marvelous applications in your own way after attending this webinar.

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