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Webinar on
Stock Market with MATLAB

Revealed: the effective way learn Stock Market & MATLAB!

In this webinar, you are introduced to the fantastic world of Stock Market with MATLAB App Designer. If you want to fetch current data of the stock market from any financial website or you want to create your stock prediction with artificial intelligence, you will be able to learn everything with us. This video gives you a brief glimpse into our newest course on Stock Market with MATLAB.

In this course, you will learn how to design an interactive Stock Market Application on App Designer in MATLAB. Through this application, you will learn how to create fabulous applications in MATLAB. Not only will you learn how to design an attractive front-end for the app, but you will also learn how to develop a new back-end for any such application in MATLAB! Specifically, content covered in the course are:
1. Learn how to pull real-time stock market data from the Yahoo Finance website at the click of a button.
2. Learn how to draw real-time data for one or more corporate or stock companies.
3. Learn how to fetch real-time data every few seconds.
4. Display the stock data in an awesomely designed graphical view.
5. Learn how to pull historical stock market data from the Yahoo Finance website and display it in a table.
6. Learn how to fetch historical stock data for one or more corporate and stock companies, all for a specific period.
7. Learn how to display stock data in separate tables placed in individual tabs.
8. Display stock data graphically using a wide range of plotting options viz., line plots, stem plots, candlestick plots, etc.

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Our Online Course on Stock Market Application will teach you MATLAB & App Designer along with Stock Market Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting.