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The Mathematics in Sports with Result Prediction of ODI Cricket World Cup 2019

Welcome to this 4 episode webinar series presented by MATLAB Helper ®. We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention. Share your questions in the discussion forum below.

In this webinar series, you will learn how to use mathematical concepts like uncertainty, probability, statistics, etc. to predict results and ranking in sports. We conducted this event to celebrate National Mathematics Day of India by Simulating Cricket ODI World Cup 2019 and predicting the outcomes. Using Uncertainty in Cricket with MATLAB and Mathematics, we discussed Results, Ranking and much more. If you play fantasy leagues, you will thank us for teaching how to create your predictor application with MATLAB.

Congratulations to England for winning the Cricket ODI World Cup 2019

EPISODE #1. Introduction & Fetching Data

In this video, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) system for starting an application project in MATLAB by introducing the essentials of our Cricket Predictor Project and fetching data from Cricinfo Portal.

EPISODE #2. Data Analysis & Pre-Processing

This video is all about the processing and analyzing by converting the excel data into the usable format as per our project need and importing the processed data into MATLAB based on different conditions. Plus: Suggestions for implementing a similar application for a future event!

EPISODE #3. Application Building & Simulation

In this video, you'll discover our application designing process in MATLAB. Not only will you see how you can build an interactive application for our project, but also how you can use app designer to simulate various logics and integrate more than one application in a single project.

EPISODE #4. Logic Implementation & Post-Processing

In this final episode, you'll learn how to put it all together. We will add the most important logic of our project and cross-check with the result analysis. Get the data and presentation from below and build your own predictor application now.

Bonus Materials for Downloading

Check out these files, exclusively available to our webinar viewers and followers:

TMIS Webinar

Get the webinar presentation and follow the step by step instructions for app building.

TMIS Webinar

Get all the essential data used in MATLAB and required to build this application.